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Accountability & Quality Schools

Castro Valley Unified School District is committed to ensuring that ALL of our students achieve at the highest possible levels. Through the new California Accountability Model and School Dashboard, our district and site efforts and successes are rated and reported. Through our district Local Control Accountability Plan, we work with our community to set goals for student learning, aligning our actions, services, and budgets to support ALL of our students’ needs, and focusing on their overall and individual academic, social, emotional and behavioral health. Through our sites’ Single Plans for Student Achievement, our school sites set individual goals, priorities and programs to support student achievement. Through our School Accountability Report Cards, all areas of staffing, facilities, achievement, and budgets are reported.

California Accountability Model and School Dashboard

Rather than using a single numeric system of rating schools and districts as was the practice in the past with the Academic Performance Index (API), California Department of Education has developed a new system for evaluating schools and districts that includes multiple measures of student success. The new California School Dashboard  ( includes graphic representations of Literacy and Math test scores, high school graduation rates, English learner progress rates, and suspension rates for all students and for student subgroups. The Dashboard will soon also include additional rates for students’ college and career readiness and attendance.



Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP)

Castro Valley’s Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) details our four major goals for our students, as well as listing all specific actions, services and budgets to support those goals:

  • Goal #1 – Ensure that ALL students graduate “college and career ready” through the full implementation of the New California Standards for Literacy and Mathematics and the Next Generation Science Standards.
  • Goal #2 – Ensure a positive learning environment with properly certificated teachers, adequate materials, and appropriate facilities to support high quality teaching and student learning.
  • Goal #3 – Empower ALL parents (including those speaking a language other than English) to be actively engaged in their students’ education and decision-making processes by providing timely information and encouraging parents to demonstrate their support for student learning and for the importance of graduating “college and career ready.”
  • Goal #4 – Ensure that ALL students are actively engaged and supported through a safe, healthy, culturally responsive, and rigorous learning environment.

Links to Local Plans:


School Accountability Report Cards (SARCs)

California public & nonpublic, nonsectarian schools annually provide information to the community to allow public comparison of schools for student achievement, environment, resources & demographics.


Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSAs)

The Single Plans for Student Achievement are written by each site to detail the goals of the site that are in line with the District’s LCAP goals. The SPSAs include the specific actions, services, and budgets the sites have set in conjunction with their community to meet the needs of their students and to close the opportunity gap for individual students and student subgroups.

Comprehensive Safety Plans

Each site creates a Comprehensive Safety Plan to address physical and environmental safety goals and issues on their campuses. For more information, contact your child's school office.

District English Learner Advisory Committee (DELAC)

The District has established a functioning District English Learner Advisory Committee (DELAC) to advise on programs and services for EL students. The DELAC steering committee will meet at least four times annually. Click here to go to the DELAC Web page.

Local Education Area Plan (LEAP)

The Local Education Area Plan is a District plan that describes how the District will utilize Federal funding (Title I, Title II, and Title III) to meet the needs of its students.

2016 LEAP Addendum

Title III Addendum