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District Water Testing

For Current Water Testing information, please visit our Water Testing Page here.

Dear Families,

As we enter the second week of school, we are happy to see students settling in and very busy learning. Thank you to our hardworking staff and teachers for ensuring a smooth start to a new school year. 

Before the new school year began and while many of us were enjoying a summer break, our facilities and maintenance teams were busily working on many construction and modernization projects taking place across our district. Graciously funded by Measure G, these projects will continue throughout the school year with health and safety upgrades as top priorities.

We sincerely appreciate your patience and flexibility as our schools go through modernization.

As part of our ongoing effort to improve and maintain healthy school environments, we voluntarily contracted with ACC Environmental Consultants, a Bay Area environmental company to conduct water quality tests at all school sites in August.  ACC Environmental Consultants gathered random samples from hundreds of fixtures and faucets throughout the district and has presented us the preliminary results. At a few locations the preliminary results showed lead levels above the recommended range, and we have taken immediate action to turn off the water at that station (sink or faucet) until the fixtures can be replaced and the water retested. During this time, bottled water is provided to staff and students.  To be extra cautious, at sites that got a notable reading from a random sample, we will working on testing all fixtures and faucets throughout the campus.  We will keep you apprised of these results once available.  Bottled water is available at at schools where the faucets and fountains are under repair.  

We will continue to provide our community updates on our progress with Measure G construction and modernization projects.  

Here is a list of some commonly asked questions and answers:

Questions and Answers on District Water Testing

  • What is the timeline on replacement impacted faucets?
    • Parts have been ordered and we expect to have them and to be able to replace them within the next few weeks. Until then we have bottled water available. In accordance with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines, it is a good practice to flush water faucets and fountains by running the water for thirty seconds before use. As an extra precaution, we are sharing this information with our staff and ask that they utilize this practice.


  • What is the timeline for conducting a full assessment of the entire district?
    • For the school sites identified in the draft report, we will complete a full water quality assessment as soon as possible. This process may take several months to complete.


  • What about classrooms that still have water access in the identified fixtures? Is that water okay for students to use?
    • The full assessment will provide us the necessary information. Until then, we recommend everyone to follow the EPA guideline of running the water thirty seconds before use. Bottled water is available.


  • What is the normal recommended range?
    • The normal range is less than fifteen (15) parts per billion (PPB).


  • How is changing the fixtures going reduce the lead in the water?
    • Although every attempt is made to reduce contaminants, replacing fixtures and faucets will not eliminate all lead in the water. By installing new faucets and fixtures we will be reducing lead to acceptable ranges.



  • Which sites were identified as having a few faucets and fixtures that need to be addressed?
    • Random voluntary tests were conducted in August 2017. Fountains and faucets were not used all summer, which could have impacted the results, increasing the possibility of higher levels of lead showing up in random tests.   All sites were randomly tested and after 300+ samples, the draft  report indicated the following locations require corrective action:
      • Canyon Middle School- none
      • Castro Valley Adult School- none
      • Castro Valley Maintenance Yard- none
      • Castro Valley Pre-school- none
      • Castro Valley Elementary- 1 fixture  
      • Castro Valley High School- 1 fixture  
      • Chabot Elementary- 4 fixtures
      • Creekside Middle School- 4 fixtures
      • District Office- none
      • Independent Elementary- none
      • Jensen Ranch Elementary- 2 fixtures
      • Marshall Elementary- none
      • Palomares Elementary- 4 fixtures
      • Proctor Elementary- none
      • Stanton Elementary-4 fixtures
      • Vannoy Elementary- 2 fixtures
      • Redwood High School- 3 fixtures


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